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About Us

Different types of generators are used anywhere and everywhere. Those living “off the grid” in isolated regions traditionally depend on generators for electrical power while others install generators for back-up power supply in an emergency.

Although generators give us power to do things that we love and accompany us whether at home in a blackout or when we’re camping or tailgating in the midst of nature, we often fail to care for them that they really deserve.

Here at RankedGenerators you’ll find a group of people that have always loved power and electricity. We’ve been taking apart different types of electronic devices since our early years and we grew up as electrical engineers, technicians, mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts.

We developed this platform to help you make the most of your generators and other similar power-generating appliances and accessories. With our unbiased reviews, user tips and tricks, and how-to blogs, you’re sure to get the best return from your investment.

Thank you so much for visiting us. If you have any questions, we’re always eager to hear that from you.

The Teams

Carolina Pina

Jamie Masterson

With decade-long experience as a generator technician, Jamie has worked with USA’s top generator manufacturers and suppliers as an independent contractor.

The long years of service to the industry has taught Jamie the ins and outs of troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of generators in home, industrial and outdoor settings.

Jamie thinks this platform is a great opportunity to share his tips and tricks with you so you can make the most of such power equipment for better living.

Email: jamiemasterson.info@gmail.com